About US

Jhonny Waffle

We started our journey on 25 November 2022 with trio friendship hand in hand.
Our Delicious Stick Waffles we serve had made us the talk of the town.
The LOVE of customers allowed us to take off with this idea and we started getting more & more testimonials.
As a marketing tool, mouth publicity was the only one that helped us reach where we are today.
With utmost care, we have maintained our quality, quantity, and price. Our goal was to make it affordable to everyone, so we began by selling
little popsicles for between Rs. 50 and Rs. 80, which were immediately popular in the town.
We are grateful to all of our customers and the food bloggers for helping us maintain the pace.

The Jhonny waffle concept

The Jhonny waffle concept is truly unique and innovative. It all started with a simple yet bold idea to offer freshly baked waffles on-the-go in India. The company behind this concept, had a passion for spreading taste and delight through their food offerings.

The Jhonny Waffle stands out from its competitors because of its focus on quality and consistency. They use only the best raw materials to ensure that every waffle is fresh and delicious. The brand identity is warm and dependable, making it easy for customers to trust in their product.

What sets The Jhonny Waffle apart even further is their commitment to continuous innovation while maintaining top-notch quality standards. This means that they are always looking for new recipes and ways to improve their product offering.

The Jhonny Waffle concept has been embraced by consumers across India because of its unique approach to serving up deliciously fresh waffles on-the-go. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack, Jhonny Waffles has got you covered!

Why choose Jhonny Waffle?

While typical, round waffles with a filling in between were popular, we dared to introduce the idea of stick waffles. Despite high expectations and risks involved, our persistence paid off as we now run a successful business. It requires low investment, less space, and minimal franchise fees with no royalty but provides substantial ROI. The best part is that it’s a plug-and-play model that promises tremendous entrepreneurial satisfaction through earning hefty profits alongside customers’ love & loyalty. Our chefless model ensures healthy growth rates while taking calculated risks.

Despite the popularity of sandwiched, round waffles in town, we dared to introduce stick-shaped ones. With unwavering determination and optimistic outlook, we pursued this concept and now enjoy a thriving business. Our franchise features low investment cost, minimal space requirement, affordable fees without royalties and high returns on investments. Best of all– it’s a “plug & play” operation! As an added bonus, this fantastic venture is sure to delight entrepreneurs with amazing profits and customer loyalty. Utilizing our chef-less model ensures healthy growth rates with minimum risks involved.